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Susie Braam is a highly accomplished leader and expert in corporate transformation and innovation, specialising in advising and coaching executives and leadership teams on driving organisational change and fostering a culture of innovation.


With a distinguished career in UK National Security, Susie has held pivotal roles as Head of Innovation, leading groundbreaking initiatives and delivering exceptional results.


Regularly sharing insights through blogging and speaking engagements, Susie is a recognised contributor to the ongoing discourse on innovation, strategy and leadership. 


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In December 2020, Susie founded Mulberry Retreats to provide a unique experience for exceptional leaders who are committed to improving themselves, the organisations they work for and the people around them.  Mulberry's restorative leadership retreats provide the space, opportunities, tools and support to reflect, unlearn and relearn.  Learn more.

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Susie Braam and Katie Careless established Yellow Cat Innovation Consultancy and Academy to help people who are transforming their organisations from within. Yellow Cat's objective is to empower their clients to drive sustainable and impactful innovation for their company.  Learn more.



Susie's easy and engaging style is perfect for formal and informal events, such as corporate events or dinners, conferences, guest lectures, podcasts and panel discussions.  She can talk about any aspect of leadership and innovation, as well as sharing more personal reflections from her unusual career. Enquire here.

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Susie's unusual experience and level of expertise in corporate innovation, transformation and leadership makes her a sought-after Advisory Board Member and Non-Executive Director. She's particularly keen on supporting not for profit organisations. Enquire here.

Susie was a pleasure to work with. Very approachable, practical and well prepared. She nailed the brief we had and set the tone/energy for our day in her keynote, which contributed to the success of the day.

Jane Blackman, Paradigm Housing


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